Slack FAQs:

  • Where does /xpress work?

Currently /xpress works only on your desktop. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get to know about out next update.

  • How do I send a video message?

Type </xpress> followed by the Title of your video message. A link to record your video would be sent on the channel – Click, Record and Send.

You can look at the complete tutorial here: <How to send a video message>

  • Who can see my video message?

Your video messages will be visible to only the people you send you video link to.

  • How do I access my videos?

Login to your YouTube account and you’ll be able to access all your sent video messages.

  • Where can I go for support?

Email us at support@xpressmail.io for any queries

  • I found a bug.

All bugs are to be reported to our resident bug collector A.K.A Chief Developer at support@xpressmail.io


Gmail FAQs:

  • Is the plugin really free?

Yes, sending video mails and screen messages are always going to be free in XpressMail. Additional features like tracking, canned responses etc. are provided to paid customers only.

  • How does it work?

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin from the chrome store, you will be redirected towards the setup screen to provide access to your camera and mic.

  • How do I access my videos in Google Drive or OneDrive?

All your videos are stored directly onto your Google Drive/ OneDrive. Just click on “My Drive” and see all the videos that have been shared with you and sent by you.

  • Who can see my videos?

Your videos can be viewed only by those who have the link that is shared via email.

  • How can I change or delete a video link after I’ve sent the mail?

You can change/replace a video directly in google drive which will be automatically updated in the sent mail. Also if you delete the file in drive the receiver won’t have access to the video anymore.

  • Does XpressMail have access to my data?

No. XpressMail does not store any personal information of yours apart from your registered email ID.

  • Is XpressMail secure?

All your video content is secure as they are uploaded onto your Google Drive.

  • Is there a trial version?

Yes. XpressMail along with its premium features is available for 1 month trial period for free. After the trial period expires you would still be able to send video mails but not have access to the premium features.

  • What’s the video recording limit?

3 minutes. If you need an extension contact support@xpressmail.io