About Us

Calicom Inc. is a video messaging firm based in the heart of Silicon Valley with a unique approach to solving the existing problems in the video messaging landscape. At Calicom, our vision is to develop products to connect the world with video messages – XpressMail being its first offering. Founded by Ram Chellamuthu, Calicom is growing steadily to build a portfolio of products for enterprises and individuals, alike.


Ram Chellamuthu, Founder & CEO

An AI Architect, Cloud Architect, Entrepreneur and an ex-Microsoft Evangelist – Ram’s list of accomplishments go beyond his age. The backbone of the company, he is the person you need to blame when something is not working.

Arjun Ganesan, Chief Developer

The “Ironman of Hacks” – Arjun is the only one to survive a 72hrs hackathon. As our nocturnal developer, we hear him talk more ‘Javascript’ than English.

Broderick Gunning, Corporate Development

A bofin from British Columbia, Brodie is trying to connect the world with ‘capital’. He specializes in cross border collaboration and has extensive experience with AR, Media & Cameras.

Rachita Mahajan, QA-Testing

Our QA person is the one that has to put up with the countless changes from the dev team (Looking at you Ironman). Most of her time is spent insisting on change management in a startup; but you know how it goes.

Aarti Birdi, Marketing

Quintessential nerd – lover of books, writing, researching, innovating and doodling during meetings. Her favorite mode is sarcasm and caffeine high (a dash of rum is always welcomed).

Jorge Rabaza, Business Development

Our clients say Jorge looks like the capo when he dons his business suit. But don’t let the face fool you, he is quite a charmer. He is also a big fan of Nutella, Couch Surfing and History while indulging in the fine arts of culinary.